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Dentist Vienna - the group practice for your dental health

Dentist in Vienna for those who need dental treatment and value friendly, competent care and the best results.

5 of the many benefits that await you in our Vienna dental practice

A top trained specialist for each area – for best results and healthy teeth.

Best technology and materials on the market – for flawless and painless treatment.

Great experience with complex and difficult cases – you are in the best hands.

Painless treatment under general anesthesia – the solution for anxiety patients.

In-house partner dental laboratory. Verified highest quality for your new smile.

What you can expect when you visit our practice.

In our group practice in the heart of Vienna (3rd district), we determine your individual dental care needs in the relaxed atmosphere of our office. Your dentist will work with you to find the best possible type of treatment to ensure your dental health and aesthetic desires and needs regarding your teeth.

In addition to dental restoration, orthodontics, implantology and prosthetic reconstruction of teeth, we offer all the necessary treatments and options in dentistry for prophylaxis, tooth preservation as well as dental health.

  • Do you need braces?

  • Are you searching for an implantology specialist?

  • Do you need dentures or a crown?

  • You would like to have a smile makeover with veneers?
  • You would like to have a dental treatment under general anesthesia?

A dentist for every dental, oral and maxillofacial specialty

  • You would like to charm your friends with a Hollywood smile?
  • Are you an anxiety patient and would like to enjoy a sensitive, if possible painless treatment under general anesthesia?

A dentist for every dental, oral and maxillofacial specialty

  • Sie benötigen eine Zahnspange?

  • Sie suchen nach einem Implantologie-Spezialisten?

  • Sie brauchen einen Zahnersatz, eine Krone oder eine neue Zahnprothese?

  • Sie möchten ein Smile-Makeover mit Veneers?

  • Sie möchten gerne eine Zahnbehandlung in Vollnarkose?

  • Sie möchten Ihre Freunde mit einem Hollywood-Lächeln bezaubern?
  • Sie sind Angstpatient oder -patientin und wollen eine sensible, wenn möglich schmerzfreie Behandlung unter Vollnarkose genießen?

Our range of treatments for healthy and beautiful teeth

The range of treatments offered in our Vienna practice extends from braces to orthodontics, implantology (implants or dental implants), filling and crown therapy, and dental treatments under the microscope. We can offer you this broad spectrum because we, as specialists in the various disciplines of dentistry, have decided to pool our knowledge and work closely together in our group practice.

Dental aesthetics and preservation

The specialists in dental aesthetics, prevention and tooth preservation work hand in hand to keep your teeth healthy, to ensure the function of the dentition and to make it visually appealing.


In orthodontics, our specialists take care of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions of the jaw and teeth.


Misalignment of teeth is not only an aesthetic problem, but especially in children it can affect the development of the dentition and the development of caries. For this reason, early detection and treatment is an effective prevention against dental diseases and problems with the masticatory system in adulthood.


Removable, fixed and invisible (transparent) braces are used to correct malocclusions in children, but also in adults, thus preventing subsequent damage or diseases.

Competence Center for Implantology

The competence center for implantology is the area in which OA Dr. Dr. Florian Katauczek, MSc., and his team conjure up a new, radiant smile on the faces of people with gaps between their teeth or total toothlessness.


Dental implants or implant-supported dentures have become an indispensable part of modern dentistry. This is due to purely practical reasons on the one hand, but also for health reasons on the other. Not to forget the aesthetic component..


Tooth gaps, which are not only visually disturbing, but can also lead to a number of health problems if left untreated, are closed by the dentist with the help of implants – in the case of completely missing teeth, implant-supported dentures can be attached to the upper jaw as well as to the lower jaw, thus restoring a strong bite.

Our dental practice – relaxed from the waiting room to the treatment room

Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and completely at ease. The high, bright rooms of our modern, well-equipped dental practice and our friendly, helpful team help you to spend your visit to the dentist, which is often associated with stress or anxiety, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Short waiting times also help to avoid dragging out the stressful situation at the dentist.

We are concerned about your well-being and satisfaction from the moment you make an appointment until you leave our office, and we look forward to your visit!

High-quality services and individual care at your dentist in Vienna

In our office in 1030 Vienna you can expect a team of experienced, motivated and empathetic Viennese dentists, who are specialized in various fields and pursue a common goal: quality-oriented dentistry, which convinces with the highest standards of safety, function and aesthetics, high-quality services and individual care.

In short, we do everything to ensure that you leave our office with healthy teeth and an enchanting smile. The entire team of our Viennese dental practice is concerned about your well-being and will be happy to answer any questions about our range of treatments that we have not been able to answer here on our website during our office hours.


Book an appointment with your dentist in Vienna now!

We are happy to advise you in all matters of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine, dental aesthetics and dental health and look forward to your inquiry

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