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Whether tooth-colored fillings, ceramic crowns or veneers, whether high-quality implant restorations, comprehensive prophylactic concepts or bleaching: When it comes to esthetic dentistry, we offer a broad range of state-of-the-art treatments in order to achieve the best possible functional and esthetic outcome for our patients.

However, our efforts in this area are not limited to ceramic crowns or bleaching only. For us, sustainable dental health and esthetics go hand in hand – it does not matter if you decide for a tooth-colored filling or another filling material, if you prefer a metal over a ceramic crown or a conventional dental prosthesis over an implant-based one: Our goal is always your bright healthy smile!

Smile Makeover: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark

Smile Makeover

Esthetic improvement to healthy teeth and total restoration of teeth within the scope of a full-mouth-therapy


Veneers are ceramic plates, which are fabricated by a dental technician by means of an impression and are bonded onto the front sides of the teeth. They are the best and high-quality option for aesthetic teeth and corrections of large unattractive fillings and discolorations.

Veneers: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark
Inlay: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark


Inlays, like fillings, serve to preserve the teeth, but are fabricated on a model of your teeth, after an impression has been made, which is sent to a dental laboratory, and are then cemented by us. These structures exhibit a very high resistance against tremendous mastication loads and frequently show a longer durability than normal fillings.


The desire of many patients to have “flawless” teeth and a brilliant smile is becoming increasingly important in dentistry. Bleaching offers a treatment method for making even strongly discolored teeth bright within a short time.

Bleaching beim Zahnarzt: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark, Wien


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