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Veneers are extremely thin, ceramic platelets which are adhered to the front surface of the tooth. The fields of application of veneers are manifold. With the help of the ceramic platelets optical and aesthetic corrections of teeth can be performed quickly and effectively.

The major benefit and at the same time difference of veneers compared to crowns lie in the fact, that for the attachment of veneers little or, in some cases, nothing of the tooth structure has to be removed. Based on the experience of modern dentistry a special adhesive makes the veneers adhere firmly to the teeth. As veneers are extremely thin and transparent, they will satisfy the highest expectations of our patients.

Fabrication of Veneers in our Associated Laboratory in Vienna

In the fabrication in our dental laboratory the individual situation of the patient is taken into consideration. For an optimum fit of a veneer it has to be adjusted to the specific anatomical structures and aesthetic conditions. Therefore, the dental technician does not get only the dental impression, but routinely will meet you in person, in order to inspect the tooth structure and any other important detail once more. As we and the dental technicians have many years of experience, high quality and long-lasting effect of such a treatment are guaranteed.

Veneer Fabrication with “Digital Smile Design”

If many teeth are affected or many teeth have to be “restored”, the general course of treatment is a little bit more complex. In such cases a strict treatment planning protocol will be followed.

Photographs of your teeth are taken by our photographer according to a particular calibrated method and then an ideal form of the teeth (length, width and shape of the teeth = Digital Smile Design) will be determined using a special computer program.

Our dental technician forms a model for you and before we start with the therapy, you can judge the result with the aid of a temporary structure you wear.

The big advantage of this method is, that you get a clear picture of the final aesthetic result (e.g., if teeth have to be optically lengthened), which you can test for some days. Changes do not pose a problem at all, as the mockup is only provisionally attached and can be altered without complications by the dental technician.

This is the safest planning method and leads to absolutely predictable results.

Smile Makeover: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark

Advantages and Disadvantages of Veneers at a Glance

Advantages of Veneers

  • Optimum aesthetic result
  • Shape and position corrections of the teeth are possible
  • Gentle to the teeth and gingiva
  • Very good durability and longevity

Disadvantages of Veneers

  • Relatively high costs
  • Two sessions required
    (However, several teeth might be treated at the same time)
  • Not suitable for already strongly filled teeth
    (In such cases crowns have to be made)

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FAQs about Veneers

What are the costs of veneers?

Due to the legal regulations in Austria we are not allowed to write prices online. We are happy to advise you in detail during a meeting in our office.

What is the duration of the treatment?

For the fabrication and attachment of a veneer two sessions are required, irrespective of the fact, whether only one tooth or several teeth are treated with veneers. The first visit includes drilling (if required) and taking the impression. During the second session the veneer is attached to the tooth.

What is the durability of veneers?

Although veneers are extremely small and fragile workpieces they show a very good durability. Careful preparation, elaboration and attachment make the veneers last for many decades.

How does the cooperation with the dental technician look like?

The dental technician makes the veneer based on the impression taken by us and is therefore the real manufacturer of the thin ceramic platelets. He is, right from the beginning, intensively involved in the treatment process – which starts with the planning, where he can point out different options, right through to the creative process, where he determines the color hues of the veneer individually with you.

What is a veneer made of?

Veneers are extremely thin ceramic platelets made by the dental technician, which are individually adjusted to all important details.

How is a veneer attached to the tooth?

The veneer is attached to the tooth with special adhesives, which have a very high adhesive force (adhesive effect).

How do I clean my veneers?

Veneers have to be cleaned like your own teeth. As a rule, this means that your teeth are thoroughly brushed twice a day and the interdental spaces should be cleaned carefully with floss.

What are the prerequisites for the attachment of a veneer?

First of all, the teeth are inspected, especially for being free of decay. Any caries will be removed in a filling therapy, before the veneer is attached.

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