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Braces in Vienna

In our office a group of dentists work together and each of them have specialized in a certain field of dentistry over the course of his/her career. Based on this close cooperation of several experts in one place and the long-lasting experience, our office in Vienna is a centre of competence regarding state of the art treatments for various issues and problems of dental medicine. Our fields of expertise include: conservative dentistry microscopic endodontics, prosthetics, implantology as well as orthodontics (therapy with braces).

Treatment with Braces in the Viennese Centre of Competence

The treatment with braces aims at the correction of jaw misalignsments and malocclusions for young people and adults to achieve a better function and aesthetic picture.

Orthodontics is a continuously developing field therefore by now many methods for the correction of jaw misalignments and malocclusions for children, young people, and adults are available to correct diverse misalignments.

These include various removable bracesfixed braces, and invisible braces.

Zahnspangen-Behandlung im Wiener Kompetenzzentrum in 1030 Wien
Zahnspangen für Kinder: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark, Wien

Therapy with Braces and the Process

A major concern for us is the early diagnosis of teeth misalignments in order to take the correct measures at the right moment. Therapy with braces for children usually differs from the therapy of (young) adults. An exact diagnosis is followed by a detailed consultation and information and then a customized therapeutical concept is established together with the patient.

The analysis of any misalignments usually involves the fabrication of models of the individual starting situation. These models are made by our associated laboratory in Vienna and are subsequently used for exact analysis and therapy planning. We consider a thorough and anticipatory therapy planning as a basic prerequisite to achieve the best and satisfactory result for our patients.

The treatment period with braces is always determined individually and depends on the severity of misalignments. Control visits at intervals of four to six weeks guarantee that there are no obstacles on the way to your perfect smile.

In general, before starting the therapy with braces a general inspection of the general condition of the teeth and gums is performed in order to ensure that the teeth and gums are free from decay. If this is not the case, the necessary treatments (filling therapy) will be performed in advance.

Treatment with Braces in our office Near Wien Mitte

In the heart of Vienna, near the traffic junction Wien Mitte and close to the Stadtpark, we are within easy reach for our patients. We are looking forward to your visit to our office and we are pleased to give you information about orthodontics and other treatments offered in our office.

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Zahnärzte am Stadtpark
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