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Fixed Braces

Fixed braces usually come into our mind, when we hear the word “braces”. Meanwhile, braces are very sophisticated technical appliances – already 40 percent of all young people and an ever-growing number of adults undergo this orthodontic therapy. Less noticeable ceramic brackets (in short, brackets) are increasingly gaining popularity among adults.

Operating Mode of Fixed Braces

Over the last decades the operating mode of fixed braces has been optimized. So-called brackets are adhered to the front surfaces of all teeth – small mounts that have to be positioned at exactly defined locations on the teeth. Then all brackets are connected by a thin wire, which constantly releases small amounts of energy. This released energy is the initiator for a slow remodeling process in the bone, which triggers the movement of teeth. The remodeling process is controlled in a targeted way by the selection of the brackets and wires, which results in optimum organized positions of the teeth and an ideal dental arch. The great advantage of fixed braces as compared with removable appliances lies in the fact that they are working on the teeth 24 hours a day.

Fixed braces are a very effective method and in some cases therapy is limited to one year. For more complex misalignments usually a second year of treatment is required.

Upon completion of the fixed orthodontic treatment it has to be ensured that the teeth permanently remain in the ideal positions. This is achieved by a small wire (retainer), which is adhered to the inner sides of the teeth. The wire guarantees that the teeth cannot be moved from their new positions.

Fixed Braces with Metal Brackets

Metal brackets are the standard variant in the treatment with fixed braces. The brackets are a robust and inexpensive option for an orthodontic therapy.

Festsitzende Zahnspangen: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark
Festsitzende Zahnspangen mit Keramikbrackets: Zahnaerzte am Stadtpark

Fixed Braces with Ceramic Brackets (Clear or Tooth-Colored Brackets)

Brackets made of ceramic are a perfect and optically less noticeable alternative. This option is very popular among adults and many young people. The costs for ceramic brackets are a little bit higher than for metal brackets.

Therapeutic Process for Fixed Braces

In our office the therapy with fixed braces is administered over years of treatment. In many cases the therapy is already completed after one year – and will be charged as such.

Our specialist for orthodontics, Dr. Roxana Rominu, will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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FAQs about Fixed Braces

What are the costs for the therapy with fixed braces?

Due to the legal regulations in Austria we are not allowed to write prices online. We are happy to advise you in detail during a meeting in our office.

Which prerequisites have to be met for fixed braces?

In general, before or immediately after the first consultation with the orthodontist a general inspection of the teeth is performed. Here the condition of the teeth is examined exactly with a focus on any caries lesions. If caries lesions are detected, they will be removed during the filling therapy before starting the orthodontic treatment.

How long does the therapy with fixed braces last?

The duration of a therapy with fixed braces always depends on the individual starting situation. Here, the kind and severity of misalignment are crucial. In many cases a very good result is achieved already after one year.

Which kind of damage may be caused by braces?

In general, braces are a safe form of therapy. However, if the cleaning of the teeth and oral hygiene are neglected in general, caries may form. Therefore, frequent controls and a regular professional cleaning of the teeth are recommended.

What is the topic of the first consultation?

The first consultation serves as the determination of teeth misalignment and the rough estimation of the duration and effort of therapy. Furthermore, the first consultation offers an opportunity to answer all your question. We take much time to deal with the concerns of our patients in a relaxed atmosphere. The first consultation is always free of charge.

What happens during the initial examination?

During the initial examination impressions and photographs of the starting situation as well as an X-ray analysis are made to get exact criteria for therapy planning. Each treatment plan will be created individually.

Which kinds of brackets are used for fixed braces?

We exclusively use In-Ovation® brackets made by Dentsply, which are the latest technology of self-ligating brackets. The brackets include an integrated lock, so that they do not have to be locked with an additional wire, which makes wearing the braces more comfortable.

Is the cleaning of teeth with fixed braces more difficult?

Fixed braces make the cleaning of  teeth more difficult, as the brackets are an obstruction for the bristles of the tooth brush. Therefore, a careful oral hygiene plan, a yearly prophylaxis session and a half-yearly routine control (caries control) are of utter importance for patients with fixed braces.

What are the advantages of self-ligating brackets?

On the one hand, they accelerate the treatment, on the other hand they are more comfortable to wear than other systems, as they have no fixing wires, but have an in-built lock.

Will food remains get stuck on the fixed braces?

As the braces are adhered to the front sides of the teeth, food remains may be caught therein. For this reason, the appropriate cleaning of teeth at home and professional oral hygiene  treatments are especially important during the therapy with fixed braces.

Is it possible to use floss when wearing fixed braces?

As all teeth are connected with a wire, it is nearly impossible to use floss. While wearing fixed braces the interdental spaces should be cleaned with a so-called interdental brush.

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