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Invisible Braces for Adults and Young People

Fixed braces do not necessarily have to be visible. Especially in a challenging professional environment it is not always pleasant for adult patients to show a teeth misalignment and its treatment. In our office we use the method of Invisalign® therapy, which is the leading intervention in the field of invisible braces with several millions of treatments worldwide.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is the nearly invisible method for the straightening of teeth in the case of teeth misalignments, which makes it possible to finally achieve the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of. From the starting position of the teeth to the desired final position a series of clear aligners are fabricated (plastic trays – invisible braces) – individually for your teeth. Thus, the movements are triggered step by step.

Every two weeks a change is made to the next aligner pair, so that your teeth move gradually into the expected final positions. The exact duration of treatment is determined prior to the start of therapy and depends on the misalignment and the individual requirements. With regard to invisible braces Invisalign® is an optimum solution for adults and young people.

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How Does Invisalign® work?

The aligners position the teeth by exactly placed and controlled movements. As opposed to conventional braces, in  Invisalign® therapy not only the movement range is controlled for each treatment step, but also the time of movement. In each treatment stage only certain teeth for the corresponding treatment step are moved based on the Invisalign®-treatment plan. This causes an efficient transfer of forces, which move the teeth according to the plan into the desired positions. Thus, different teeth misalignments can be effectively corrected.

Invisible Braces – Perfect for Your Lifestyle

Invisible braces offer a highly aesthetic and hardly noticeable kind of orthodontic therapy for people in the thick of professional and social life. Based on their characteristics and advantages they are very popular among young as well as adult patients. Our specialist for orthodontics, Dr. Roxana Rominu, will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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FAQs about Invisible Braces

What are the costs for a treatment with invisible braces?

Due to the legal regulations in Austria we are not allowed to write prices online. We are happy to advise you in detail during a meeting in our office.

Are patients satisfied, who are wearing invisible braces?

This method shows great success and is therefore one of the most popular treatments for the elimination of teeth misalignments for our patients.

Which prerequisites have to be met for a treatment with invisible braces?

In general, before or immediately after the first consultation with the orthodontist a general inspection of the teeth is performed. Here the condition of the teeth is examined exactly with a focus on any caries lesions. If caries lesions are detected, they will be removed during the filling therapy before starting the orthodontic treatment.

Do you offer different invisible braces for your patients in your office?

For the correction of teeth misalignments different correction systems with or without trays are available. We would be glad to inform you during the course of a personal consultation about the best solution in your case. Please make an appointment at our office in Vienna. We are prepared to do anything to make you leave our office with a smile.

Are there any disadvantages compared to conventional braces?

Severe misalignments cannot be treated with invisible braces. During the course of the first consultation and the initial examination the individual situation is assessed and in most cases a therapy with invisible braces is possible.

Can I eat and drink with the Invisalign® trays?

You can drink without any problems when wearing the trays. If you want to eat, you have to remove the trays and reinsert them immediately after brushing the teeth after the meal.

How should the Invisalign® trays be cleaned?

The cleaning of the trays is very easy and can be done with water and soap when cleaning your teeth. Basically, the trays hardly show any impurifications, as the trays are changed at intervals of two weeks.

How long do the trays have to be worn each day?

The braces are worn day and night. This means that the Invisalign®-trays are always in the mouth, the only exceptions being while eating and drinking and the daily oral hygiene routine.

What is the topic of the first consultation?

The first consultation serves as the determination of teeth misalignment and the rough estimation of the duration and effort of therapy. Furthermore, the first consultation offers an opportunity to answer all your questions. We take a lot of time to deal with the concerns of our patients in a relaxed atmosphere. The first consultation is always free of charge.

Can invisible braces be used in cases of gum diseases?

Essentially, the treatment is possible in the case of a gum disease. We would be pleased to consult you in our praxis in Vienna.

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