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Removable Braces

Removable braces are used in modern orthodontics for growing children (at the age of 8 to 13 years). These braces will help to correct various growth tendencies and misalignments of the teeth, before the teeth have taken their final shapes and reached their final positions.

The braces can be removed but should be worn as often as possible during daytime and nighttime. Frequently, this kind of braces is a preliminary therapy for fixed braces.

All kinds of removable braces demand discipline in wearing and co-operation of the children, in order to be able to achieve sustainable results. Our specialist in orthodontics, Dr. Roxana Rominu, will be pleased to answer all your questions.

There are Various Kinds of Removable Braces

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Active Plates

Active plates are removable braces, into which wire elements and screws are integrated. The wires and screws exert a constant pressure on the teeth, thus changing their positions to the desired dimensions. These kind of braces have to be worn ideally 16 hours a day, in order to ensure the desired correction in the corresponding time period.


Activators are braces falling into the group of functional orthodontics. They are applied in the treatment of children with excessive or minimum growth of the jaw bone. These braces activate or inhibit the growth of the jaw structure, as required. Among others, open activators or so-called bionators are used.

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Retention Appliances

This kind of treatment is performed as soon as the therapy with fixed braces is finished. It helps to keep the teeth in the desired positions and is a complementary tool to the retainer. As a rule, retention appliances are worn during the night only.

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FAQs about Removable Braces

What are the costs for the therapy with removable braces?

Initial consultation is free of charge.
Due to the legal regulations in Austria we are not allowed to write prices online. We are happy to advise you in detail during a meeting in our office.

For private insurances it depends on the provider, which costs of the orthodontic treatment will be covered, which should be clarified prior to the start of treatment.

What is the duration of the treatment with removable braces?

The average duration of therapy is usually longer than in a treatment with a fixed orthodontic appliance, as the goal is to reach an optimum result during the growth phases of the child over some years.

How do removable braces work?

The braces exert a light pressure on the teeth and thus cause them to move into the desired direction. For this reason, it is important to wear the braces 12 to 16 hours each day.

Are there alternatives to removable braces?

If the positions of the teeth have to be corrected in children, where not all of the permanent teeth are erupted, there is no alternative to removable braces.

Why are some children treated earlier with removable braces than others?

The therapy varies according to the growth pattern and teeth eruption, which may be different for each child. In addition, it is decisive, whether a jaw misalignment or a pure teeth malposition is diagnosed. Jaw misalignments are usually treated at an earlier stage to promote a correct growth of upper and lower jaw.

Is it possible to correct all misalignments with the help of removable braces?

The correction of severe misalignments with removable appliances is not always possible. Often the removable braces are a preliminary therapy to create the optimum starting situation for fixed braces.

How are removable braces cleaned?

Removable braces can easily be cleaned with water and liquid soap. As the braces can be removed from the mouth, the teeth can be cleaned as usual.

Can braces get damaged?

Braces cannot be damaged by appropriate use. However, they can get cracks or breaks, if they drop from a high position onto a hard floor or if someone steps on them. Sometimes smaller clips of the removable braces might break. After any damage the braces are sent to our dental laboratory for repair.

How long is the repair time of braces?

Usually the repair process takes one week.

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