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Tooth preservation

Despite all innovative developments within the fields of implantology and dentures we still think that the own teeth are always the best solution for the dentition. Therefore, tooth preservation is a priority for us. We strive to preserve a tooth whenever it is possible; our long-term experience, our close intradisciplinary collaboration, our broad range of modern treatments and the application of modern procedures and technologies (root canal treatment under the microscope, oral surgical interventions, digital X-ray technologies etc.) enable us to save and preserve many teeth and to reach the best possible functional and esthetic outcome for our patients.

Mundhygiene und professionelle Mundhygiene: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark

Prophylaxis & Professional Oral Hygiene

One of the most important subjects in our dental practice is professional oral hygiene. Professional oral hygiene is – apart from consistent oral hygiene at home – the most important part of prophylaxis and the basis for long-lasting healthy teeth and good oral health.

Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

In some cases a root canal treatment can be performed in order to avoid the extraction of a tooth, when the dental nerve is inflamed or necrotic. The massive destruction and complicated initial situation in such teeth make it impossible to preserve them with traditional treatment methods, therefore a microscopic root canal treatment is performed.

Wurzelbehandlung unter Mikroskop: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark
Zahnkronen und Zahnbrücken: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are fixed dental prostheses. Crowning is a procedure of fitting an artificial cap on a strongly damaged tooth which strengthens the tooth and restores its function.


Dental prostheses are removable false teeth. For partial dentition (one or more teeth are missing) the denture is the simplest method to replace missing teeth.

Zahnprothese mit Klammer: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark

Tooth Fillings

A tooth filling is used to close a decayed tooth after caries removal. In the conservative (tooth-preserving) filling therapy we concentrate on amalgam-free composite fillings.

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