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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are fixed dental prostheses. Crowning is a procedure of fitting an artificial cap on a strongly damaged tooth which strengthens the tooth and restores its function

Possible reasons for such a tooth damage are e.g., carious lesions, root canal treatment, chipping of the tooth or accidents and tooth traumas.

Procedure for the Manufacture of an Artificial Crown:

  • First of all, the tooth to be treated will be prepared. In particular, the removal of any caries is very important as only a completely decay-free tooth may serve as a basis for a dental crown.
  • Frequently an artificial rebuilding of the tooth is required and a post has to be fixed in a root-canal-treated tooth. After this, the tooth is brought into a standardized form (drilled), resulting in a peg.
  • Then an impression is made from this peg using a polyether impression material, which will be sent to the dental technician, who fabricates the artificial crown based on the impression.
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A close cooperation and professional discussion between dentist and dental technician are decisive for the quality of a dental crown and a bridgework. For many years we are working in close cooperation with our dental laboratory in Vienna to ensure perfect dental crowns and bridgework.

Dental Crown – Material

With regard to the material of a dental crown there are two options, the crown consisting of a metal core coated with ceramic and the crown that is all ceramic.

Crown with Metal Core Coated with Ceramic (Faced Crown)

Faced crowns are well-tried for many decades and show high robustness and resistance.

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All Ceramic Crown

All ceramic crowns meet the highest demands regarding function and aesthetics. In the case of defects in the frontal area of the teeth we exclusively work with the all ceramic Crowns

All ceramic crowns are made of zirconium oxide or lithium disilicate. Choosing the right material is based on factors like light transmittance, shape, color and position of the teeth.

We prioritize all ceramic and highly aesthetic crown variants as we believe that is the best solution for our patients. We present our patients with all aspects of the procedure in detail and, together with them, we make the decision that best suits our patient’s needs.The all ceramic crown is the standard choice in our practice


If a tooth is missing and the adjacent teeth are in a correspondingly good condition, the gap may be closed by a bridgework. This includes three or more associated crowns, which are fixed on the adjacent teeth.

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FAQs about Dental Crowns & Bridges

What are the costs for a crown?

Due to the legal regulations in Austria we are not allowed to write prices online. We are happy to advise you in detail during a meeting in our office.

Is a metal crown more stable than a ceramic crown?

Hardness and durability are the same for both treatment options. In the last years great progresses were achieved in the development of all ceramic crowns. In fact, recent studies have proven ceramic crowns to be more stable.

How long does a dental crown last?

The durability of a crown depends, on the one hand, on the cooperation between dentist and dental technician, and on the other hand, on the daily oral hygiene, which means, how carefully the teeth and interdental spaces are cleaned.

The very thorough preliminary work and preparation lay the foundation for a long-lasting dental prosthesis. In addition, we closely cooperate with an ISO-certified laboratory in Vienna for many years, and we, as a team, guarantee the optimum procedure for each individual dental crown and bridgework.

Is the placement of a dental crown painful?

We focus on pain management and special care for our patients. We never perform any procedures, while a patient suffers from pain. In any case, pain can be eliminated by applying careful methods and potent local anesthetics. Painlessness during the treatment leads, among others, to the optimum results and is therefore a guarantee for the durability of the crown.

How are dental crowns and bridges cleaned?

Take care of your dental crowns and bridgework in the same way you clean your own teeth  As a rule, this means, that the teeth have to be brushed thoroughly twice a day, and in addition the interdental spaces should be cleaned with floss.

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