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Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

In some cases a root canal treatment can be performed in order to avoid the extraction of a tooth, when the dental nerve is inflamed or necrotic. Potential causes for such an inflammation are, e.g., a defect caused by caries, heavy loss of tooth structure or traumas. The massive destruction and complicated initial situation in such teeth make it impossible to preserve them with traditional treatment methods, therefore a microscopic root canal treatment is performed.

Also, teeth that were subjected to a root canal treatment and are re-inflamed require this more efficient kind of root canal treatment, which is characterized by the use of a microscope of up to 30x magnification and special instruments. Microscopic root canal treatment is in many cases the last and only chance for the dentist to handle severe damage to the tooth in the long term and to preserve a compromised tooth.

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FAQs about Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

What are the costs for a microscopic root canal treatment?

Due to the legal regulations in Austria we are not allowed to write prices online. We are happy to advise you in detail during a meeting in our office.

What is the duration of the treatment?

A root canal treatment may require several visits, as it is frequently impossible to eliminate an inflammation completely during one session. The complete elimination of an inflammation is an important prerequisite for the long-term preservation of the tooth.

Which kind of treatment of the tooth follows a root canal treatment?

Compared with other treatments at the dentist the root canal treatment is a very elaborate therapy. The treatment makes only sense, if, after successful therapy, a perfect secondary construction is placed on the tooth as a perfect shield. For the optimum protection of the tooth after a root canal treatment we recommend post construction and the fitting of a crown.

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