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Prophylaxis & Professional Oral Hygiene

One of the most important subjects in our dental practice is professional oral hygiene. Professional oral hygiene is – apart from consistent oral hygiene at home – the most important part of prophylaxis and the basis for long-lasting healthy teeth and good oral health. It helps to reduce the risk of caries and periodontitis and improves the durability of dental prostheses. In prophylaxis sessions any caries or other problems, such as gingival pockets (periodontitis) can be detected.

Our prophylaxis assistants attend to your individual needs and explain the most important steps of preventive measures. Tartar, plaque and discoloration removal as well as polishing and fluoridation of teeth are parts of the professional oral hygiene. Our assistants will also show you the correct brushing technique and help you find the optimum brushing equipment for your teeth.

Please bring your toothbrush to the prophylaxis, which will help our assistants to understand your individual oral hygiene habits.

Mundhygiene und professionelle Mundhygiene: Zahnärzte am Stadtpark

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FAQs about Prophylaxis & Professional Oral Hygiene

What are the costs for a professional oral hygiene:

Due to the legal regulations in Austria we are not allowed to write prices online. We are happy to advise you in detail during a meeting in our office.

What is the duration of a prophylaxis session?

The duration of the session depends on the initial situation. Usually the procedure lasts for one hour.

What is the recommended frequency for a prophylaxis session?

Routinely, the treatment should be done once a year. For patients with increased risk for caries and periodontitis and/or certain basic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus) narrower intervals might be reasonable or required.

What happens during the prophylaxis session?

In the course of the prophylaxis session tartar and plaque are removed with an ultrasonic device. In addition, the teeth are carefully cleaned with  manual instruments and any discoloration in the interdental spaces is removed with polishing strips. Afterwards all outer surfaces are polished with a special paste and fluoridated with a fluoride gel.

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