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Dentist for anxiety patients in Vienna, 1030

You really need to go to the dentist, but you are afraid – even in panic? Then you should know one thing: you are not alone and you don’t have to be ashamed of it. You don’t have to miss out on painless dental treatment and therefore healthy, beautiful teeth.

In our dental office in 1030 Vienna, Austria, we often deal with anxious patients. Our experience shows that treatment with local anesthesia (injection) is often not enough, because the sounds or smells of the dental practice alone are enough to trigger the phobia or panic. Unwilling reactions and defensive actions are the result.

Patients suffer under these circumstances and proper dental treatment therefore is not possible. For this reason, we treat anxiety patients exclusively under general anesthesia. This helps you as an anxiety patient and enables our dentists to work without complications with perfect treatment results.

You are an anxiety patient and want to be treated under anesthesia? Then call us right now and make an appointment for treatment under general anesthesia.

Dental treatments despite dentist phobia

The visit to the dentist is very unpleasant for many people. The drilling noises or injections alone cause goose bumps for many patients in our dental office in Vienna.

For some of them, the very thought of the next dental treatment causes them to break out in a sweat, their stomachs turn over or they even have a panic attack.

However, this fear should not stop you from visiting your dentist regularly. In this way, you will avoid problems with your teeth, which can not only lead to painful toothache, but also to major surgery – something you, as an anxious patient, certainly want to avoid.

Dental phobia – our dentists are also there for anxious patients!

Despite phobia, it is extremely important to visit your dentist regularly for treatment or check-ups. Unfortunately, many people are so afraid of dental treatment that they postpone it and often don’t even consider preventive checkups. But this does not have to be the case.

Our dentists can help you as anxious patients. With the help of sedation or general anesthesia, a visit to the dentist will be easy for you. No matter how big the fear of the dentist is.

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Zahnbehandlung unter Vollnarkose - Wien

Dental treatment with sedation for anxiety patients in Vienna

Our dental team offers treatment options for patients who suffer from dental phobia, in which no pain is felt in sedoanalgesia (twilight sleep) or under general anesthesia (intubation anesthesia – ITN), so the procedure is conducted without fear.

The treatment under general anesthesia

In most cases, our anxiety patients are happy about the option of general anesthesia, as this means that the entire treatment or intervention will not be realized. Due to the anesthesia, the sensation of pain as well as consciousness is eliminated during the dental treatment and the anxious patient “sleeps through” the entire treatment.

Our Viennese dental team is extremely empathic – our technique is always up to date. Therefore you are in the best hands with your dental phobia in our Viennese dental surgery.

Possible reasons for dental phobia

Every anxiety patient is unique and has therefore had different experiences with dentists. That is why a fear of dentistry can have many reasons.

Among others, the phobia can be triggered by the fear of pain or sense of shame. But also the loss of control can lead to a dental fear.

Another reason for a dental phobia can be bad experiences in childhood, such as a painful procedure or repeated unpleasant dental treatments. Such experiences can lead to anxiety or panic states until an older age.

The environment in which someone grows up can also lead to dental anxiety. The fear can be consciously or unconsciously communicated by parents or other important caregivers. This can be prevented by a loving approach to the dentist and the associated dental treatment, so that the dental fear does not arise at all.

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