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Emergency dentist in 1030 Vienna

You suffer from agonizing toothache and need help as soon as possible?

You have lost a tooth and need a quick first aid?

A wisdom tooth causes problems – there is already a swelling of the cheek?

Then call us right now at +43 1 713 19 03 .

Our dentists will take care of the initial treatment and remove the pain.

Rapid assistance in case of dental emergencies

Unendurable toothache can have many causes and often the pain occurs unexpectedly and at the most inappropriate moments. To avoid you suffering longer than necessary, our Viennese dentists offer short-term appointments for such emergencies.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a private or health insurance patient – our emergency service is there for you in case of emergency. Contact us – our dentists in Vienna will treat your toothache immediately.

Prepared for every emergency by our experts

Whether you have a toothache, an inflammation of the gums, a broken tooth or any other dental emergency, the dentists in our group practice are specialists in various fields of dentistry and orthodontics. This ensures competent care in any kind of dental emergency.

You need an appointment for your dental emergency quickly? We are here for you – you can get an appointment at very short notice – even in the evening, when other dentists already have finished work!

Zahnschmerzen - Wien – Wählen Sie das Beste für sich - Zahnärzte Am Stadtpark
Zahnschmerzen - Wien – Wählen Sie das Beste für sich - Zahnärzte Am Stadtpark

Our recommendations for dental emergencies

In any case you should not wait long, but call us as quickly. You will receive a treatment appointment as fast as possible – our dentists are waiting for you in our office at the Wiener Stadtpark. In order to help you a little before your appointment, we have some recommendations that you can follow at home in case of a dental emergency.

Acute toothache

For acute toothache, rinsing with camomile or sage tea as well as cooling with ice bags have proven to be effective. Keep your head high and take a painkiller if necessary. You should avoid nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, hot food and drinks for the meantime.

Swelling of the mouth and teeth

Swelling in the mouth and teeth area can be prevented by cooling with ice packs or cold compresses. Until your appointment with our emergency service, avoid physical exertion as much as possible.

Traumatic tooth loss

In case of a traumatic tooth loss, for example due to a fall or other accident, you should bring the lost tooth to our emergency service for your treatment. Keep the tooth moist by moistening it and store it in a sterile plastic box. Then contact our Vienna group practice as soon as possible.

Gum inflammations

In case of inflammation, rinsing with chamomile tea helps. Sage tea also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Avoid hot and spicy food and drinks in any case.

These first aid measures help to avoid short-term severe pain, swelling, inflammation, but also unwanted consequential damage to your teeth. However, they do not replace treatment at the dentist. Therefore, you should not hesitate for too long and call our dentists at Stadtpark in 1030 Vienna as soon as possible. The earlier, the faster you will get rid of your pain and you will be able to sleep calmly and painlessly again.

Zahnschmerzen - Wien – Wählen Sie das Beste für sich - Zahnärzte Am Stadtpark

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